Thursday, April 28, 2011

Taranaki Falls

Taranaki Falls and the Mangatepopo Track: 1 hour 50 running time

Starting behind The Chateau the lower Taranaki Falls track is kept to a high standard due no doubt to the large number of walkers. The track in its entirety is a two hour loop. After 15 minutes running I turned up the Mangatepopo Track part of the Tongariro Northern Circuit. I ran out and back on this track through some brilliant tussock and shrub alpine scenery. On a good day the views up to Mt Ngarahoe and Tongariro would be superb. Back on the Taranaki Falls the track followed up the Taranaki River to the small Taranaki Falls. The track then wound through a lava field and returned to The Chateau.

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